Understanding leaky modes: slab waveguide revisited



UndStdLeakyMode is a MATLAB® code for generating the pictures and the animations that are included in the tutorial paper: ¡°Understanding leaky modes: slab waveguide revisited¡± in Advances in Optics and Photonics. The code was developed by Jonathan Hu in the Computational Photonics Laboratory at UMBC.

As the Internet becomes more widely used, scientific journals increasingly publish papers with animations ¡ª both short movies and slide shows. Our tutorial paper includes standard single-frame figures, as well as animations whose purpose is to illustrate what is happening both mathematically and physically. Here, we describe how we generated each of the figures in the tutorial paper.

To use the code, simply download it using the link below and run it from MATLAB®. For a quick demonstration, type "FigureNumber(N)¡±, where N is the index of the figure or movie that you want to generate.


How we did it

There are many ways to generate animations. In this tutorial paper, we proceeded as follows:

For each animation, we generated 10 to 100 frames in postscript (PS) format, labeled sequentially as fig1.ps, fig2.ps, fig3.ps, etc. Then we used the following linux command to transform files in PS format to files in GIF format

mogrify -format gif fig*.ps

After we generated a series of GIF files, we linked all the GIF files to build the animation, using the commercial software GIF Construction Set Professional. Both MOV file and GIF file can be generated.

The schematic diagrams in the tutorial paper, figures 1, 2, 10, 16, and 23, were not created using MATLAB® These figures were created using xfig.



Download one of the following archives and unpack it to a directory.

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If you have questions or problems regarding UndStdLeakyMode, please contact Jonathan Hu with email: hu1 AT umbc DOT edu.


Jonathan Hu
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